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Rejoinder to “’Black Phones’: Postmodern Poetics in the Holocaust Poetry of Sylvia Plath”

Lauren Jackson Matthew Boswell’s article “’Black Phones’: Postmodern Poetics in the Holocaust Poetry of Sylvia Plath” delves deep into not only the text of Plath’s poetry, but the resonance it holds inside her readers. Her “readers” is not meant possessively due to the offensive nature such poetry has oftentimes been labeled, but rather her readers […]

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‘Othered’, Suppressed, Banned The dystopian cultural shift and ‘ahistory’ in V for Vendetta

V for Vendetta is a film by James McTeigue, based on the graphic novel by Alan Moore that highlights a dystopian ‘near-future’ society in England that reveals the corrupt practices of governments against their people. The disruptive nature of the terrorist ‘V’ in the film has been symbolic historically, presently, and assumptively, futuristically. The society […]

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Written in Blood The feminist paradigm shift born out of war that led to the collective cultural consciousness and perception through literature and vampires

Our nation has a long history of expressing its inexpressible horrors through art and literature. It has become a long-accepted facet that post-war trauma has led many an author to pen the atrocities of violence and unspeakable horrors into something melodic and lyrical. As Tim Snelson puts it in The Ghost in the Machine: World […]



There was a little girl with a little golden head, She loved to play outside, and hated going to bed. She’d often leave her shoes, and run about quite free, She’d perch herself up high, and survey all she could see. She’d snuggle up to her mama, and listen to her speak, Of days now […]