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The Passing Lane is No Place for a Lady – Gendered Social Mobility in Emile Zola’s Nana

by Lauren Jackson In Emile Zola’s novel Nana, we find that female social mobility is rigid in its birth, yet there are character’s that defy it and create fluidity despite commonly accepted values. It is true that women could ‘marry above themselves’ to gain higher positions, but even these were constricted in relation to their […]


Walk Away

by Nathan Elflein Ignore ignore despite what you feel. Keep faith in her despite what’s revealed. Valentines day, a day of love. A day to revamp what was once so good. Make love through the night, hold her close and tight, No reason to lose her, over stupid fights. Leave her for the moment, her […]



Silence consumed me Pain lashed like whips Cutting pretty arcs in the air But the shadows lay in wait You couldn’t see Couldn’t see They found me first I lay broken The past was the present The future was passed Impossible clock Ticking on And on And on My heart was lying Lying Lying awake […]


Buried Alive

A lantern was held aloft, it swayed like a pendulum to and fro. I felt as though my mouth was foaming, rabid wind through trees was groaning, I shook listening to an eerie moaning, While bathed in the moon’s soft glow. As the lantern bobbed it cast a shadow, it flitted across like death. The […]