Buried Alive

A lantern was held aloft, it swayed like a pendulum to and fro.
I felt as though my mouth was foaming, rabid wind through trees was groaning,
I shook listening to an eerie moaning,
While bathed in the moon’s soft glow.

As the lantern bobbed it cast a shadow, it flitted across like death.
The flash of a line carved into stone, ‘Flesh of my flesh and bone of my bone’,
It seemed now the spinning shadows had grown,
I felt a specter’s icy breath.

Our burden was heavy and weighed me down; into Hades’ depth was I swept.
The casket we carried grew heavier still, merely plodding on through iron will,
The ravenous earth would soon have its fill,
And our secret would forever be kept.

My heartbeat raced and rung in my ears, shadows within shadows where evil is bred.
The gleaming surface of the burden we carried, would soon enough be forever buried,
Our sins together this night would be married,
And our souls would hereafter be dead.

A noise from within the casket caused me to stumble, sickness rising within.
Just one pitiful knock on the top, nearly caused me the casket to drop,
I knew he was living but I could not stop,
I must finish this terrible, life-ending sin.

Darkness conquers and burns my eyes, no shapes can features define.
Soon shall there be a fragrant, earthy rain, it shall end the sharpest pain,
Talons gripping me – I am no longer sane,
I am trapped within my own mind.

Distant droning softly intones: “..so to the dust shall we return”
Thunder is rolling, a soft bell is tolling,
My pain is dulling
This reprieve I have surely not earned.

The hole we are digging, a mourning veil of black is drawn over my sight.
A wooden cradle consumes in death, like wriggling worms beneath the flesh,
Kissed away by life’s empty breath,
Never deceive me, tis only the night.

How can it be so simple? To destroy what was once full of life.
To slice through the air like birds, cutting and clinging like empty words,
As though Truth had never occurred,
Destruction at the end of a knife.

I can still see it shining so clearly, a flash of a flash in my mind.
Crying for help doesn’t suffice, I knock on the lid first once, now twice,
My mind is frozen as a block of ice,
No meaning in death can I find.

The crunching of grass underfoot unnerves me, plods of earth descend.
Soon the bare trees will have flowers budding, the rains will overflow the rivers flooding,
Now the fall of earth is thudding,
This must be it then….this is the end.

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