Silence consumed me

Pain lashed like whips

Cutting pretty arcs in the air

But the shadows lay in wait

You couldn’t see

Couldn’t see

They found me first

I lay broken

The past was the present

The future was passed

Impossible clock

Ticking on

And on

And on

My heart was lying


Lying awake

I couldn’t shake

The thought of you

Burned in my mind

Like an unwavering flame

Fanning desire

Into lust

But I couldn’t trust

Not my heart

Not you

I was burning with fever

Sick in the head

My heart felt dead

Dead to the touch

To the touch


Touch me.

Pretty words

Pretty arcs

Pretty slices

Bleeding from within

My body purging sin


I would again.


Lie to me. Tell me I’m beautiful.


Be swift with the knife

The words that nearly ended my life

No more. No more.


It burns my ears, the truth scalds

But I hear the pretty words

Pretty cuts

Pretty nice.

Dole them out softly, first once

Now twice.


On and on that clock ticks

I hear it wildly in my head

Till I’m dead, till I’m dead

Is it yet?

Is it now?

The weight of men

I wait for men

For the weight of men

To heave upon me

And slake their lust

To moan and moan till it’s done

It’s done.


To push my legs apart

Isn’t that the way to my heart?

My heart

Beats slow as I let go

It’s a start

A start

But this?

Is the end.

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