Walk Away

by Nathan Elflein
Ignore ignore despite what you feel.
Keep faith in her despite what’s revealed.
Valentines day, a day of love.
A day to revamp what was once so good.
Make love through the night, hold her close and tight, No reason to lose her, over stupid fights.
Leave her for the moment, her hands will move quick, trying to erase all the evidence.
Your gut it screams to you, you can not deny it.
Your friends will warn you, but you’ll only fight it.
You’ll defend her till the end, would take a bullet for her. She would not do the same, she’s a cold hearted killer. There was never any love, This was never her desire, she would simply push you, into the gun fire.
When you call and call and there is no answer, no excuse for it, no way around it.
Through the dead of the night your gut it knows, what you will find will only show, What you had feared all along. The love of your life, falling into someone else’s arms. You scream you shout, no excuse for her to give. You plead you beg don’t leave me here like this. Her foot to the floor her tires shriek, to late to follow your heart is too weak.
You try as you may to fix the broken pieces, though she pleads though she promises she’ll make it better. More lies than truth would come about, but youd never stop loving her without a doubt. enraged with anger, with pain and betrayal. There’s not a second that goes by that I haven’t wondered. Where do you get off, on your twisted logic, you hypocrite you whore, you fucking liar. You can tell a lie until there’s blood on your hands, until a life is ruined, until your child is dead. I would have given you the world, a ring on your finger, a life of plenty, with beautiful children. I would have grown happy as can be, as our body’s dwindled and our hair became gray, because you still be the woman, I met in Washington that day. But words won’t bring you to realization, not an action, not even if I plead. Not till you realize the man next to you, only loves you for your body. When he’s out returning the favor and you catch him as I did you. Will you realize what you’ve done and there’s nothing you can do. I was a fool to see good in you, and even more of one stay. But I’ve learned to love myself, enough to walk away.

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