Creative Writing

Colombina – Part V

“I just got a message about a camp not far from here,” Pierrot looked up from his computer screen. “We could do some damage if we liked.” Collie yawned and looked away from her husband. The image of the chimera was still vivid in her mind, the gray-washed horizon still spattered with rain. She felt […]

Creative Writing

Colombina – Part III

“You’re a shiftless girl Collie, and make no mistake!” Casanova smiled while delivering the barb. Collie stormed around throwing things this way and that, shaking her blonde curls indignantly. Her white cotton skirt flounced, she wore silk white stockings underneath, and white lace garters sporting tiny white bows. She had a white ribbon snaking through […]

Creative Writing

Colombina – Part I

He tugged on his face, a grotesque mask, a mockery of humanity. His pupils dilated, and he breathed out a long, slow breath. It convulsed in the air, not sure yet whether it would dissipate or shimmer. He scratched at his skin, his post-skin, and had an idea of luminescence. It was unreasonable, these people […]


Slumbering Forest

Curling wisps of breath strain against the air, shivering in the chill. While all around the trees hold their breath; solid and alert and still. The grass is brittle and cracks, sharp against my boot. The earth is breathing softly, sleeping and digging in its roots. A hushed slumber fills the air, a lazy bird […]


White Fury

A blinding white fury, terrible in its beauty. A blanket of innocence laid over a sinful world. Absorbing its darkness. Drinking in its evil. Melting into the nothingness, the ashes of the dust of which we are composed. A rotting, stinking, ephemeral flesh that sags into bones too long for this world. To crumble beneath […]

Academic Paper

The Passing Lane is No Place for a Lady – Gendered Social Mobility in Emile Zola’s Nana

by Lauren Jackson In Emile Zola’s novel Nana, we find that female social mobility is rigid in its birth, yet there are character’s that defy it and create fluidity despite commonly accepted values. It is true that women could ‘marry above themselves’ to gain higher positions, but even these were constricted in relation to their […]